Senior Content Designer, Microsoft

Tom Resing

Tom Resing is a highly skilled and experienced Senior Content Designer at Microsoft. He is a key member of the modern workplace solution enablers content team and leads various content design projects, including UX writing, terminology, and content strategy.

UX Salon Words

Taking Charge of String Requests: A Proactive Approach to UX Writing

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by a steady stream of string requests? As UX writers, we often receive these last-minute content updates, leaving little time for strategic planning and thoughtful content design. In this session, you’ll learn how to take a proactive approach to managing string requests, putting you in control of your work and prioritizing the user experience.

We’ll explore a new workflow that emphasizes strategic content design and planning over reactive patches. You’ll learn how to streamline your string request process, prioritize your work effectively, and collaborate with your team to deliver high-quality content that supports your users’ goals. By the end of the session, you’ll be equipped with practical tools and strategies to take charge of your string requests and deliver better user experiences.