Galactic Viceroy of Content Excellence

Naomi Papoushado

Meet Naomi Papoushado, the self-proclaimed Galactic Viceroy of Content Excellence. With more years of experience than she’d like to admit, Naomi has worked for a bunch of hi-tech companies where she’s dedicated to strategic content design, removing collaboration barriers, and making customers grin like Cheshire cats. Naomi mentors up and coming UX writers at the UX Writing Academy, and when she’s not helping mentees realize their full potential, she can be found living in Israel with 2 cats and 3 kids. Naomi loves drinking coffee, listening to a good true crime podcast, and needs to avoid any more traffic violations until at least 2025.

UX Salon Words

Pod Squad: Unlocking Cross-discipline Collaboration for Success

You will learn how to establish and work successfully in a cross-team pod. We will explore the key role of each member of the pod, highlighting the importance of representing their unique perspective to ensure everyone works together towards the same goals. We will cover strategies for balancing competing priorities and perspectives, along with guidelines for looping in additional stakeholders.