Senior Product Designer, IKEA

Michele Schell

Michele is a multi-talented professional who is currently working as a Product Designer. With a diverse background in several roles such as UX Writer, Content Designer, Taxonomist, and Technical Writer, Michele is known for her expertise in integrating important words into the design process.
Michele holds a Bachelor’s degree in Modern Languages and a Master’s degree in Strategic Design, which she leverages to bring a unique perspective to her work in the design field. Her passion for Applied and Sociolinguistics has driven her to understand how people communicate, and she now applies this knowledge to build taxonomies and information architecture for digital navigation at IKEA.

UX Salon WORDS Talk

Terminology for UX: Finding (and Keeping) the Right Words

Terminology plays a crucial part in UX design, as it helps ensure clear and consistent communication internally and externally. But what to do if there are no terminologists in your organization?
This area is highly technical and depends on specific steps and standards. For the past 2 years, I’ve been working on ways it can be more broadly applied to Content design work, without leaving the important details aside.
I will discuss the steps and considerations involved in running effective terminology work, including how to choose the right words for the right audience, the benefits of keeping a controlled vocabulary, how to run and analyze terminology research, and how to turn it into something everything will make use of.

Main points:
* Overview of traditional terminology work and standards
* The importance of terminology work for UX
* Considerations for choosing the right words for the right audience
* The benefits of keeping controlled vocabulary for consistency
* Steps for running valuable terminology research
* Methods for analyzing research results and discussing them with stakeholders
* Making all of this knowledge useful for your company