Senior Content Designer, Microsoft

Leah Krauss

Leah is one of Israel’s leading content designers for complex systems. An alumna of Dropbox, Madlan, Neurolief, PTC, and more, she’s currently a senior content designer at Microsoft. In addition to her work on AI-powered products, Leah serves as the Responsible AI champion for her team.

UX Salon WORDS Talk

Be the Angel on Their Shoulder: Content Design as a Champion of Ethical AI

AI-powered products are exploding in the market – every company wants to develop one. What many companies don’t have, however, is a formal framework for making sure their AI models are responsible and ethical.

Content designers often lead the way when tech needs to be more human – from user-centered content, to accessibility. As a content designer, you’re a natural choice to champion AI ethics at your company. I’ll give you some tips on getting started.

Remember when a cartoon character faced a tough choice, and the devil on one shoulder tried to get them to do something bad? You can be the angel on the other shoulder, reminding them to do the right thing.