Founder, Conversation Design Institute

Hans van Dam

Hans van Dam is the founder of Conversation Design Institute, the world’s leading training and certification institute for people working in conversational AI. Hans has trained more than 2,000 professionals in conversational AI and works with Fortune 500 companies to make their AI Assistants more human-centric, effective, and inclusive. He also leads CDI Foundation, a non-profit that develops design standards and provides scholarships within the industry. Hans is a frequent guest lecturer at universities worldwide. He is currently based in Amsterdam, where he lives with his family.

UX Salon Words

Writing Dialogue for Conversational Interfaces

If we end up spending lots of time interact with AI Assistants, then how do we want them to talk to us? Do we want them to be quick and efficient, or do we want them to have empathy and be human-centric?

And perhaps more importantly, who should create these experiences? Should engineers decide how people and AI will interact with each other? Or should writers, creatives, designers, and philosophers be in charge of these experiences?

In this talk, Hans van Dam will discuss how to create human-centric, inclusive, and goal-oriented conversational AI Assistants. You will get an understanding of the CDI Workflow that helps enterprises around the world create winning chatbots and voice applications. He will show proven principles and design patterns that you can use regardless of the technology you are working with – from simple chatbots to large language models.