UX Writer and Team Lead, Wix

Dan Savery Raz

Dan has been a UX writer at Wix for more than 5 years. He now leads a team of UX writers and mentors other writers across the guild. Before Wix, Dan was Head of Retention at Fiverr and a travel journalist for Lonely Planet, BBC Travel, and more. Originally from England, he lives in Israel with his wife and three girls. He’s dabbled in fiction, poetry, and has been edited enough times to know when to end a bio.

UX Salon WORDS Talk

Editing that Empowers

Write. Rewrite. Repeat. As writers, we’re familiar with the often arduous process of rewriting and editing our work. So how can editing be fun and empower writers?

In this talk, we’ll learn how the editing process can be an enriching experience and help writers to grow in confidence. We’ll look at which questions we need to ask, how many versions we should write, and how editing works best as a two-way conversation.