Senior Content Designer, Hello Heart

Carmel Scharf

Carmel is a content designer and UX writing mentor. Through content, she’s helped people find apartments, secure their information, learn to code, and enjoy their tech. As a Senior Content Designer at Hello Heart, she helps people manage their heart health and build healthy habits. With a background in public health, gender studies, and French language, Carmel has seen how the ways we use language can change people’s lives. She believes everyone can be a better writer, and enjoys helping them get there. She’s based in Tel Aviv, and writes UX copy in both English and Hebrew (and exactly one error message in French, of which she’s very proud).

UX Salon Words

Write Like a Flight Attendant: Tackling Scary Topics in Your Product With a Smile

When it comes to describing the details of an emergency, no one does it better than flight attendants. Do you remember another time you smiled, or even laughed, while someone told you everything that may go horribly wrong? When users go through difficult life experiences while using your product, it may be tempting to shift into Serious Mode, throwing your voice and tone (and good user experience) out the window. But bad news is actually a golden opportunity. You can establish trust, build a lasting relationship with your users, and let your brand voice shine. In this talk, we’ll go through 5 rules for getting it right when something is wrong.