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Taking Charge of String Requests: A Proactive Approach to UX Writing

Tom Resing, Senior Content Designer, Microsoft

Writing Dialogue for Conversational Interfaces

Hans van Dam, Founder, Conversation Design Institute

The Benefits of Being Boring: How Boring Text Can Actually Wake Up Your Users

Yossi Nachemi, UX Writer, Google/Waze

Panel Discussion: Writing in the Age of AI

Jonathan McFadden, Senior Content Designer, Shopify

Terminology for UX: Finding (and Keeping) the Right Words

Michele Schell, Senior Product Designer, IKEA

Subtitles UX

Vitaly Friedman, Smashing Magazine

Elevating Copy: Crafting Meaningful User Experiences

Abigail Nurser, Product Content Team Leader, Yotpo

Be the Angel on Their Shoulder: Content Design as a Champion of Ethical AI

Leah Krauss, Senior Content Designer, Microsoft

Navigating Cognitive Barriers: How UX Writing Can Help Older Adults

Rina Naor

Write Like a Flight Attendant: Tackling Scary Topics in Your Product With a Smile

Carmel Scharf, Senior Content Designer, Hello Heart

Pod Squad: Unlocking Cross-discipline Collaboration for Success

Naomi Papoushado, gong.io

Editing that Empowers

Dan Savery Raz, UX Writer and Team Lead, Wix

Team and Co-Hosts


Lizzie Kost, Content Designer, Editor of Habit Weekly


Avi Itzkovitch, Founder, UX Salon

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