About WORDS 2023
April 3-5, 2023 / 3 Day Online Conference

It’s an exciting time for writing and creativity. Advances in innovation and technology are transforming the creative industry, with big changes on the horizon. The words on this page are a preview of what’s to come; they have been drafted and edited in part by artificial intelligence! We must all be prepared for this new era. 

WORDS 2023 is an event designed to bring together writers, technologists, and leaders in the tech industry landscape. It will be a platform for discussing how technology is impacting writing and how writers can use it to reach new audiences or create compelling stories.

Who is it for?
UX Writers, Content Managers, User Experience Practitioners, Product Managers, Interactive and Visual Designers, Marketing Specialists, and other professionals dedicated to creating usable products and services.

Take a look at our event agenda for more information on the speakers lineup. We hope to see you in UX Salon WORDS 2023.

See you in:

Engaging and Interesting Salon Discussions

What is a Salon?

In many languages the word SALON refers to a place of gathering, a living room, a place where you entertain, spark a discussion and increase the knowledge of participants through conversation. The “Salon Discussion” is a casual (panel) conversation that we will have it with the speaker immediately after his talk.

The conference tee!

No conference goes without a tee. Working from home or at the office, share your passion for WORDS with the world. Check out the lineup of t-shirts we created especially for this conference.

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